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The House Finance Committee has scheduled three public hearings on HB 1 and HB 2

Posted: February 28, 2015

The House Finance Committee has scheduled three public hearings on HB 1 and HB 2. These meetings represent an invaluable opportunity to address cuts to the DD/ABD system with these key decision makers. We’re issuing an all-hands call for partners to turn out as many attendees as possible. It will also be important to offer testimony from individuals, providers,  families , and others at these hearings.  Please know, this plan has been approved by the FULL BOARD of CSNI.

House Finance is looking to cut and reduce wherever they can from what Governor Hassan recommended in her budget. With very few exceptions, they are not looking to spend any more than she did in any area– period. They are actually looking to cut in most areas, especially DHHS. Therefore, the message is simple and needs to be “don’t cut DD funding, it is important because……. it is a worthy investment, it is a cost effective and cost efficient program. The key point people need to make is don’t cut/don’t reduce DD funding. Specific talking points are below.


The first meeting will be held in Concord on Thursday, March 5th in Rep’s Hall from 4-7 p.m.


The second and third meetings will be held concurrently in Conway and Derry on Monday, March 9, from 5-8 p.m.


The Conway hearing will be held in the Kennet High School Auditorium, 409 Eagles Way, North Conway.


The Derry location is at Derry Town Hall, 14 Manning St, Derry.


Representative on House Finance


All of House Finance Home Addresses to Snail Mail a letter

Email Address for ALL MEMBERS of House Finance:


Individual Contact info for each member of House Finance (email, address, phone etc)

Rep. Neal Kurk- Chair                                    Rep. Dan McGuire

Rep. Joseph Pitre                                           Rep. David Danielson

Rep. Lynne Ober- Vice Chair                         Rep. Mary Jane Walner

Rep. Tom Buco                                               Rep. Susan Ford

Rep. Ken Wyler                                              Rep. Richard Barry

Rep. Betsy McKinney                                    Rep. Tim Twombly

Rep. Mary Allen                                             Rep. Dan Eaton

Rep. Tracy Emerick                                       Rep. Sharon Nordgren

Rep. Peter Leishman                                     Rep. William Hatch

Rep. Bob Welch                                             Rep. Karen Umberger

Rep. Laurie Sanborn                                      Rep. Frank Byron

Rep. Peter Spanos                                         Rep. M. Smith

Rep. Cindy Rosenwald                                   Rep. Kathy Rogers





  1. Post the date, time and location of the hearings on your social media sites and website.
  2. Send out email with all necessary information to all staff, board members, family support council members and families.
  3. Purchase water bottles, juice boxes and small snacks for families for the hearing-it can be very long.
  4. Stickers, coloring books and crayons can be a good distraction for kids too.
  5. Arrange to speak to your ED about additional respite for families who need it in order to attend the hearings.


Call Nights


  1. Each area agency should be calling board members, FSC members, families (especially those who are on the waivers-DD/ABD and IHS and those who are waiting for those services) and stakeholders to encourage them to attend the hearings.
  2. Please let me know: How many people will be calling and when.
  3. Follow up with Sarah Aiken to let me know how many people will be testifying, how many will make calls and how many will send emails.
  4. There should be 2 call nights per Area Agency beginning on Sunday night for those who may attend the event in Concord and on Tuesday night for those attending in Derry or Conway.


Talking Points


For families currently receiving services:

Fully fund DD  services . If you don’t, this is what it will mean for my family.


For families on the Waiting List:

Thank you to the Governor for once again including funding for the WL. Preserve this funding. This is what it means for my family.


If you have specific questions or think a brief conference call  would be helpful, please let me know right away.


Sarah Aiken

Community Support Network Inc.


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