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Self Directed Services

Participant Directed and Managed Services, He M 525 (Self Directed Services)

Self Directed Services and the rule He-M 525 is a Medicaid program that has been created as a way to help individuals and their families self direct their services. It is an expansion o f the work that the NH Development Disabilities System began many years ago with Self Determination. We have learned that the highest level of service satisfaction comes from those individuals & families who have a greater degree of ownership and direction over their services.

The rule He-M 525 governs what type of services/supports can be provided. Specifically, “Provision of assistance and resources to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in order to improve and maintain the individuals’ opportunities and experiences in living , working, socializing, recreating, and personal growth, safety and health. “

In practical terms this means that an individual /family and/or representative determine within their funding allocation how they want their service dollars spent. You will make decisions regarding how much you will pay your direct support professional? How much you will allocate to transportation costs? Do you want to pay for a gym membership to help you achieve your service planning goals? You will receive regular budget reports to assist you in monitoring your budget expenses throughout the year.

Finding the right match for a direct support person is an important factor in developing services. Individuals and families in Self Directed Services can choose to recruit, hire, & train their direct support staff. Others prefer to hire the area agency or vendor agency to provide this service. When developing your budget you will allocate the costs associated with an agency providing this function. The advantage to the individual or family recruiting/hiring allows you to direct more of your funds directly to your services.

These are just a few examples of the how self directed services can work for you. If you would like more information or would like to discuss this service option in more detail you should contact your area agency. For more information…


Provider Agency Information and Services Provided

The contact information for each Area Agency can be obtained by clicking on the link to Our Agencies. If you would like contact information for the Service Provider Agencies in NH click on the link below. Provider Agencies 2014