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SB 553 House Hearing

Posted: April 13, 2016

SB 553 Has A Hearing in the House

Dear Families:
For those of you who may be planning to make the trip Concord on Thursday morning, a few tips that may make the experience an easier one.
1. Getting there– Take Rt. 93 to Exit 14 in Concord. Stay in the left lane as you come to the lights at the end of the ramp. Turn left, and go through several lights, passing through Main St. until you reach State St.where you take a left. You are now on the road that passes behind the State House. The Legislative Office Building (LOB) is directly behind the State House. Many of the parking meters will be covered and reserved for Legislators. Be sure that you bring quarters to feed the meter where you do park. The streets on either side of the State House are limited to 2 hours. My advice is to proceed past the large church on your right to the parking garage. Remember to get the number of the space you are in. You pay at the machines at the entrance.

2 We will be meeting in the lobby of the LOB at 9:40. You will be able to get your pink sticker there.The hearing is scheduled for 10 am in room 205. There may be another hearing that is still in progress, so be prepared to wait. If you have brought a sign, you cannot take it into the hearing room. If you have testimony, bring 20 copies, 1 for each of the committee members.

3 When you enter the room, look for the list to sign in, and indicate whether you wish to speak, and that you support the bill SB 553. There may be pink cards to sign in. If there are no seats left, you may stand along the back walls. When your name is called, go up, introduce yourself and where you are from and you have 3 minutes to make your points. When you are finished, if you are asked a question by one of the committee members, answer as best you can. If you don’t know the answer, say so. Keep an eye on the time, since the parking enforcement is quite busy. By the time noon arrives, the committee will end the hearing. Thank you for your efforts!

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