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SB 553 Hearing

Posted: April 6, 2016

SB 553 Has A Hearing in the House
Dear Families:
We know that is has been a little while since we have asked for you to engage in the goings on of the NH Legislature but we have some exciting news: Senate Bill (SB) 553 relative to implementation of the Medicaid managed care program is having a public hearing in the House Health and Human Services & Elderly Affairs committee and we need your help!
This bill (which has already passed the Senate on a vote of 23-0) would prevent DHHS from expanding the Medicaid managed care program before June 30, 2017. It would also require DHHS to receive legislative approval for any future expansions of Medicaid managed care via the Joint Fiscal committee.
As you know, for several years the Area Agencies and our families have been working hard to make sure that the Medicaid managed care program does not negatively impact people with developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders NH. This public hearing is a great opportunity for our voices to be heard on this critical issue.
What: Public Hearing – this means you can testify or simply attend in person to show support. We need a lot of support!
When: Thursday, April 14th at 10am in LOB rooms 205-207
Where: The Legislative Office Building (LOB) is located at 33 N State St, Concord, NH 03301-Directly behind the State House. Bring quarters to feed the meters.
Why: The public hearing on SB 553 is an opportunity for our elected officials to discuss and ask tough questions about step 2 of Medicaid managed care. It is also a chance for families who have been negatively impacted by Medicaid managed care (step 1) to explain how the program has impacted their families medical services including prescriptions. The House members need to hear from their constituents that the Medicaid managed care program is not ready to be expanded at this time.
Who (should participate): All are invited to attend a public hearing especially those who receive services from the Area Agencies. It is also important to community members, school professionals, DPS’s and families/friends of those who receive supports.
How (can I help?): It’s easy really. There are many levels of support that you can offer! Choose one or a few
Come to the hearing wearing black. The color choice is simply because most people, even kids, own a black shirt, suit, sweater or dress-it has no other meaning. You will be given a large pink sticker to show your support for the bill.
Call your representative on the committee-Those from our region are Rep.Donald Lebrun, Vice Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee at 886-1725 or and Rep.Stephen Stepanek at 673-7658 or We will organize calls to general members of the House later on when the full House votes on this bill- and ask them to support SB 553.
Write an email to a member of the committee See addresses above. Keep it short and polite. Include your name and city/town, ask them to support the bill as it was sent over from the Senate, tell them about how the delay would be helpful to you or your family and thank them. Also add a way to contact you, email or phone.
Testify at the hearing. If you choose to testify at the hearing please contact Dave Hackett at or Sarah Aiken at to coordinate your message. While EVERYONE has the right to testify we want to respect the needs of the individuals and families time so a more coordinated effort helps that! You can also make posters to line the committee halls with. (Posters cannot be brought into the committee room.)

Your voice makes a difference. Stay involved!

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