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Quality Improvement

CSNI Quality Improvement Activities CSNI has a long history of participating in quality improvement activities. In 1996, in partnership with the Bureau of Developmental Services and the Institute on Disability at UNH, CSNI developed the Quality Outcomes Partnership which established a comprehensive set of quality indicators for the entire system.More recently, CSNI was represented on the Quality Committee established under SB 138 which resulted in the establishment of the NH Quality Council. In addition, CSNI was instrumental in the decision to join the National Core Indicators project.

Quality improvement activities are coordinated by one of CSNI’s standing committees, the QI committee. This group is made up of the quality assurance directors of each area agency. This group meets quarterly and reviews quality data generated for the entire area agency system. They review trends and make recommendations for system wide improvement. Their efforts have resulted in the publication of the 2009/2010 Annual Report of quality improvement.


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