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People Can’t Wait Advocacy Fund

Posted: December 23, 2013

What is the People Can’t Wait Advocacy Fund?

Established by a representative group of advocates with support from Community Support Network Inc. the People Can’t Wait Advocacy Fund (PCWAF) will help fund the following:


Why do we need the PCWAF?

In 2011 the House and Senate voted to enact SB147.  This bill, now law, states that mandatory Medicaid services will be provided by Managed Care Organizations.  Individuals and families have expressed concerns with the advent of managed care companies (MCOs) to manage Medicaid funds in our State, especially as they relate to long-term supports and services to people who experience developmental disabilities (DD).  It is particularly concerning since the MCOs lack any understanding of services for people who experience DD.  Even so, Step one of managed care has rolled out for acute care in December of 2013 which impacts our community. 

Step two which includes funding long term supports for people with DD, will direct the State’s Medicaid dollars to the MCOs making the future of the Area Agencies uncertain and creating a profit margin for the insurance companies.   We support the continued funding by the State of the Area Agencies, a system that has worked well to provide high quality services to the DD population for thirty years. 

Who can contribute?

Anyone can contribute! It is that easy.  We take all major credit cards, cash, check even paypal!

What can I do?

You can contribute; you can ask your friends, family members and organizations that you work with to support this initiative.  Post and share the links on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media.  Simply spread the word!  If ever individual that was supported by the Area Agencies donated just $3 each we would have in excess of $36,000.  Help us reach our goal of $5,000 by the end of the year!


We are looking for supporters – Please make a donation and/or submit your name in support of the People Can’t Wait Advocacy Fund

Donations can be made online at or by sending a check to: Community Support Network, Inc.

10 Ferry Street, Suite 401

Concord, NH 03301


To become a friend make a donation of $3-$149

To become a supporter make a donation of $150 -$500

To become a sponsor donate over $500



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