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Our Agencies

There are 10 Area Agencies that are divided into geographical regions throughout New Hampshire to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities, people with acquired brain disorder,
and their families. Each Area Agency is designated by the State to provide services in their respective region. Combined they serve in excess of 10,000 individuals and families.

Each agency has a legislative liaison or appointed person. This person works with the families and staff members to keep them up to date on current legislation, builds relationships with their local legislators, and plans legislative trainings and events. If you are looking to get involved please reach out to your legislative liaison.


Region 1
Northern Human Services
Region 2
PathWays of the River Valley
Region 3
Lakes Region
Community Services
Region 4
Community Bridges
Region 5
Monadnock Developmental Services, Inc.
Region 6
Gateways Community Services
Region 7
The Moore Center
Region 8
One Sky Community
Services, Inc.
Region 9
Community Partners
Region 10
Community Crossroads