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Medicaid Expansion Advances in House

Posted: March 14, 2014

Medicaid Expansion Advances In House

This week “Division III” of the House Finance committee recommended passage of SB 413 relative to access to health insurance coverage (Medicaid/Healthcare Expansion). The NH Fiscal Policy Institute has created the attached timeline for SB 413 implementation. The next step is for the entire House Finance committee to debate and make a recommendation to the NH House. The Executive Session in the House Finance committee will take place on Tuesday, March 18.


Budget Floor Fight 

Speaking of the House Finance committee, prepare for a battle this week when the House takes up legislation that would use surplus state funds to restore so called back of the budget cuts to the department of Health and Human Services. The bill is HB 1411 -FN-A (FN= Fiscal Note A=Appropriation). The committee report says the bill would provide DHHS with $7 million, with the remainder of the surplus going to the State’s Rainy Day Account. Under current law without legislative directive any surplus funds simply remain in the operation account. The House Finance committee recommends approval of HB 1411 on a party line vote. The House vote should be the same. The question is, how fast will the Senate vote to kill this legislation? They have already voted down a similar bill introduced by Sen. Larsen earlier in the season.


House Committee Votes to “Study” Medicaid Managed Care Concerns 

Next week the House will vote on two bills that would have addressed the concerns that certain transportation providers have raised relative to the business practices of NH’s MCO’s. The department of Health and Human Services convinced the House Health and Human Services and Elderly Affairs committee that the bills would be too problematic to move forward at this time. (They even convinced the sponsor who wrote the recommendation of study.) The pair of bills sent to interim study may not be the solution at this time, however, this is just the latest example of the hand’s off approach the Legislative Branch has elected to take on the issue of the privatization of NH’s Medicaid program. Fortunately, the Governor’s Commission on Medicaid Managed Care is providing some oversight to the program.


Update on SB 414 relative to Medicaid-funded services provided as a part of a child’s individualized education program. 

On Thursday, the State Senate passed and sent over to the House, SB 414 relative to Medicaid-funded services provided as a part of a child’s individualized education program. The bill was originally scheduled to be examined by the Senate Finance committee, however, that requirement was waived. This bill seeks to ensure that children obtain medically necessary services by designating medically necessary services provided outside a child’s individualized education program (IEP) as non-duplicative.

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