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May 3, 2013

Posted: May 3, 2013

Governor’s Commission on Medicaid Managed Care Meets and Sets Direction

On Wednesday the Governor’s Commission on Medicaid Managed Care met for their organizational meeting.  The meeting began with all of the members and the audience introducing themselves.  The Commission heard from Commissioner Thoumpas who gave an overview of MMC in NH.  The meeting concluded with the members voting on priorities, the options were:  The group was asked to identify 3 different priorities: the Most Important, the Most Actionable, and the Most Urgent. Please see attachments

Workplan Gov MMC 052013

5 1 13 agenda Gov MMC



The next meeting will be on May 22, time and location TBA.  The commission will be holding listening session throughout the process and those dates/topics will be announced at another time. 

 The Commisssion Members are:



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