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Posted: April 10, 2018

The 2018 legislative session is more than halfway through. For a non-budget year it has still been a busy one! Some of the bills that we have considered to be of high importance or priority are still going through the legislative process.

HB1816: Relative to Medicaid managed care. The piece of this bill that we are most concerned with is the section that stops the implementation of Step 2 of managed care. These are the long term supports and services that are being delivered by the area agencies. This includes the waivered services like the Developmental Disability Waiver, the In Home Supports Waiver, and the Acquired Brain Disorder Waiver. The bill has passed the full House at this time. There is a public hearing in the Senate Health and Human Services on Tuesday, April 17th at 1:00pm. This will take place at the Legislative Office Building at 33 North State Street, Room 101.

SB590: this is a new bill to us that became of interest when an appropriation to the developmental disability wait list was added to it. The bill has passed the Senate at this time and is being worked on in the House Finance Committee. We hope that more funding will be added and approved that will help to support full funding of the wait list. As of April 3rd of 2018 it was reported that 340 people were expected to be on the wait list at the end of the biennium (June 2019).

HB628: Relative to a family and medical leave insurance program. This bill, after much deliberation, has passed the House. There was a public hearing that took place last week in the Senate and it is currently being worked on. This bill, if passed, would create a voluntary program that employees could pay into and receive up to 60% of their pay after paying in for a certain amount of time for up to six weeks if they need to take leave to care for a family member, a child, etc. There are still many questions that employers and others have as far as the sustainability of the program, the additional burden it would bring to employers, and the amount of money to start the program. We do not know at this time whether the Senate will have enough support to pass this bill.

SB313: This bill is relative to the Medicaid Expansion program for New Hampshire. The bill has passed the Senate, passed the House once and is currently being worked on by the House Finance Committee. The Medicaid Expansion program provides health insurance to more than 50,000 people in NH. If some form of this bill does not pass, the program is set to end in December of 2018.

If you are looking to become more involved in legislative advocacy or other events, contact your area agency. If you do not know which agency you are supported by, please take a look at the “our agencies” section on our homepage or contact us directly!

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