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A Cautionary Tale

By: Gail Ober

Front Wards, Back Wards

By: William C. Rogers

Coruway Film Institute

Laconia State School History

By: NH Challenge

NH Challenge Article

By: Freda Smith and

A Parent’s Story

By: Vera Hill

The Story of Bob:

Recollections of Living at the Laconia State School

Roberta’s Story

Parallels in Time

Laconia State School / Study of sterilized persons

JOHNSON BS. Mesh Terms:. Sterilization*. PMID: 15409266 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

Laconia State School / Closing in 1991

Charles Lakin, New Hampshire closed Laconia State School and Training Center, thereby accomplishing what no other state had to date.

State School Cemetery Information

Freda Smith: Her Fight helped to Revolutionize Care for the Retarded, Concord, Monitor

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