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State Innovations Model (SIM) presentations

Posted: July 3, 2013

SIM Presentation 6 27 13b Slide Deck

SIM presentation 6 27 13b

SIM Presentation


Please see the attached presentations, two different formats, from the State Innovations Model (SIM) Full Group Stakeholder meeting that took place on Thursday, June 27.  The presentation consists of report outs from the work groups, as well as the introduction of a set of initiatives for consideration by stakeholders.


According to SIM facilitator Jim Hardy, from Deloitte, slides 31-33 describe a potential set of initiatives that encompass the range of recommendations and themes that have emerged from the SIM work group sessions. The suggested initiatives were conceived as a way to create a framework around those recommendations; and themes that will allow the SIM stakeholders to dig deeper into the details of the various ideas and to see how they potentially relate to each other.  Hardy and DHHS Associate Commissioner Nancy Rollins are looking for feedback, recommendations on changes, and other potential initiatives as part of a dedicated SIM feedback/input process that will be better defined shortly.


To learn more about SIM, the DHHS web site link to information is:




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