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Information on the Different Surveys

Posted: November 3, 2017

I know that this is a lot of information but it was intended to compile all of the surveys that are being circulated into one area for the simplicity of understanding them all. 

There are many different surveys being sent out over the past few months and people may be getting confused with why there are so many. They could also be getting tired of answering them all and potentially disregard them. It is well known that New Hampshire families are educated advocates that work tirelessly when speaking for themselves or a loved one with a disability. In order to continue to advocate for services and funding it is essential that we have the data to back it up. 

There are different organizations that advocate with and on behalf of individuals with disabilities and when they speak with legislators related to the rules, laws and funding in New Hampshire, they want to see the data to back up the many compelling stories that are being told. The surveys that you see going around help us to develop valuable information for those individual organizations and advocates to use individually and collaboratively when testifying at a hearing or having one on one meetings with a State Representative, Senator, Commissioner, or even the Governor. 

While the day to day challenges we all face are often more than enough for one person to handle, it is important that we are reminded of where our service system began and the advocacy efforts it has taken by many families and individuals before us to get to where we are. We must continue forward, and we must be able to inform others of our opinions. 

Below are the individual links to the surveys being circulated right now with the name of the organization that the surveys have originated from and a brief overview. We encourage all families to play an active part by completing these surveys.


ABLE NH Survey: ABLE NH (Advocates Building Lasting Equality) is a grassroots organization dedicated to working toward equality and advocating for the civil rights of individuals and families with disabilities and promotes full participation by improving systems of supports, connecting families, inspiring communities and influencing public policy. They are conducting a survey to gather family input on a variety of subjects to ensure public officials receive the information needed when voting on many different bills that pass through the legislature that could impact the services you or your child receive. For more information contact Lisa Beaudoin at:


Conflict Free Case Management SurveyThis survey is in reference to Case Management that you receive through your local Area Agency. The Bureau of Developmental Services is conducting this survey and has contracted with New Hampshire Family Voices to hold forums across the state in conjunction with the online survey to allow families and individuals opportunities to participate. The in person forums are to help reach a larger group of people who may not have access to the survey online. If you do the survey online there is no need to also attend in person, as it will be the same questions asked, unless you have specific questions you would like to discuss in person. If you would like to attend a forum the dates and locations are provided in this link: COI Forum Flyer 2017 . For more information contact Jenn Pineo at:


TEFT Grant MemoNew Hampshire CAHPS Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS CAHPS) Survey: This focuses on the services Medicaid clients receive at home or in the community and is funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Testing Experience and Functional Tools (TEFT) grant. NH was one of only nine states awarded this 4-year CMS grant. The Vendors will be contacting clients by phone to request participation in the survey. To read more about the timeline of these calls or for more information visit the website here: CAHPS Home and Community-Based Services Survey WebsiteThe most recent flyer that has been posted on the website for agencies and vendors to post in their waiting rooms can be found here: HCBS CAHPS Survey Poster. For more information contact Jennifer VanderNoot at:

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