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Highlights This Week in Concord

Posted: March 29, 2013

Highlights This Week In Concord:

Please find the current list of CSNI priority legislation. (Sarah Aiken)

2013 CSNI Priority Bills

Full House Finance Committee Approves Governor Hassan’s BDS Budget Recommendations

HB 1 (Budget) and HB 2 (Trailer Bill) have received final approval by the House Finance Committee. On Wednesday evening, the committee voted 14-8 to pass a state budget recommendation to the entire NH House for debate and further action.

The Bureau of Developmental Services was one of only 5 programs that was left completely intact (as recommended by the Governor) in the department of Health and Human Services. The others were: Glencliff HomeNH Hospital, & Veterans Home/Services. In fact, the DD waitlist is the first item listed in the Chairman’s committee report of HB 1.

Some other DHHS highlights included in the budget:

The House will vote on the budget on Wednesday, April 3rd. The debate will likely take an entire day, perhaps 2 days. There will be many “floor amendments” to make changes to the budget. The vast majority will be to cut spending and eliminate new revenue. Most, if not all of the floor amendments will fail.

Speaking of revenue, beyond “deferring” several business tax breaks scheduled to go into effect in the next fiscal year, the new budget raises 4 taxes/fees: Gas Tax, Tobacco Tax, Salt Water fishing license and the Marriage license. The tobacco tax recommendation in the budget is in line with the Governor’s recommendation of 30 cents above the current level. However, this is in conflict with HB 659 which is legislation already passed by the House. HB 659 raises the tax by only 20 cents from the current level. The new House “position” will become 30 cents once the budget is passed next week.

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