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Governor Hassan: Republican Budget Is Fiscally Irresponsible and Unbalanced, Will Veto If It Comes to Desk As It Is

Posted: June 19, 2015

Governor Hassan: Republican Budget Is Fiscally Irresponsible and Unbalanced, Will Veto If It Comes to Desk As It Is

CONCORD – Governor Maggie Hassan issued the following statement on the Committee of Conference budget proposal:

“To keep our economy moving in the right direction, I proposed a fiscally responsible, balanced budget that was transparent and honest about how we would support critical economic priorities without an income or a sales tax. The plan that I proposed clearly set those economic priorities, including making higher education more affordable, strengthening public safety, ensuring access to affordable health care, and repairing our roads and bridges.

“Unfortunately, the nearly finalized Republican budget takes a fiscally irresponsible approach, undermining our economic future by giving unpaid-for tax cuts to big corporations, mostly headquartered out-of-state, that will create a more than $90 million hole in the budget and put corporate special interests ahead of New Hampshire’s families, small businesses and economy.

“Without paying for their business tax cuts, Republicans are setting our state on a perilous fiscal path that will mean more expensive college tuition; that will hurt our ability to ensure workers can access health-care without financial ruin; and that will lead to unplowed, unsafe roads for commuters and businesses.

“At the same time, the near-final Republican budget is left unbalanced by relying on misleading budget gimmicks, such as double counting Fiscal Year 2015 dollars and not honestly funding the services we all agree are essential. It fails to reauthorize our bipartisan health care expansion plan, leaving 40,000 hard-working Granite Staters at risk of losing their coverage and creating uncertainty for all businesses and consumers. And it fails to live up to the fair, negotiated contract with our dedicated public employees.

“Because this budget is unbalanced, dishonest about what it funds, and includes unpaid-for business tax cuts that create a more than $90 million budget hole at the expense of critical economic priorities, I will veto it if it comes to my desk as it is. I have been at the table with Republican leadership and have been clear throughout the process about how we can achieve a bipartisan budget that addresses our shared priorities, but Republican leadership refused to compromise on any of the major issues – most critically their unfunded tax cuts for big corporations.

“Republicans need to join me in putting New Hampshire’s families, businesses and economic interests first. I urge the legislature to return to work immediately, prepare a continuing resolution that will fund state government in the short-term, and negotiate in good faith to develop a bipartisan budget that is fiscally responsible and that supports the priorities needed to keep New Hampshire’s economy moving forward.”

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