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February 1, 2013

Posted: February 1, 2013

Governor Hassan Transformation Plan from CSNIAAs Executive Summary January 25 2013 Final

CSNI and staff from the Governor’s office met on January 28, 2013 to discuss a proposal that was later delivered to Governor Hassan. The attachment is the Executive Summary for the Coordinated Care Organization Proposal: Healthcare Transformation for Developmental Disability and Acquired Brain Disorder Population through the Evolution of the Area Agency System.

This proposal presents an innovative future care management system design, as an alternative to commercial managed care, for people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorders (DD/ABD). The proposal expands person-centered, quality care to achieve holistic, healthy outcomes. The proposal has been in development for months, under the direction of the CSNI Future Systems Group, in collaboration with representatives from Area Agency Boards, staff, and families.

The proposal recommends that NH establish the Area Agencies as Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) for people with DD/ABD. This draws on promising practices from the nationally respected Area Agencies to further achieve cost savings and quality driven care.

The proposal also requests that the state of NH fund the Wait List at the 90% budget required, allowing the Area Agencies, to support 100% of those scheduled to enter into services. The Area Agencies are committed to moving into a Consumer Directed Services model of care to drive down cost of care for those entering into services in the FY14/15 biennium. For the next biennium, this proposal results in 100% support to individuals on the Waiting list at a 10% cost savings to the state of NH.

CSNI and the 10 Area Agencies remain mission driven to delivering the next generation of quality, efficient supports for people with DD/ABD. This proposal, or strategic plan, builds on the community-based system foundation established by our system’s most invested and valued stakeholders — the individuals we serve and their families. Please review the Executive Summary and know that the detailed plan will be posted on the CSNI web site shortly.

“Nothing about us without us” was the core principle in this proposal development and we anticipate continued dialog and refinement on the items outlined in the Executive Summary. We will keep you posted on progress for the adoption of this proposal by the State of New Hampshire.


Richard Crocker, Executive Director
Community Support Network, Inc.

On behalf of the CSNI Systems Futures Work Group

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