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Executive Director of CSNI Makes Statement at Medicaid Managed Care Commission

Posted: November 12, 2013

Good afternoon.  I am Susan Cambria, the Executive Director for Community Support Network, CSNI, the member association of the Area Agencies.

 I appreciate the opportunity to speak before you today and to initiate a public dialog on Step 2 of managed care with this Commission, Governor Hassan, Commissioner Toumpas, and importantly the people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorders and their families here today.  In our great state families almost exclusively care for their loved ones in their homes. The Area Agencies could not do the work they do without the support and hard work of our families.

I want to be clear … we are not opposed to managed care. We are opposed to commercial managed care for the long term supports and services that the Area Agencies provide.  There are significant concerns, at both a local and national level, about the implementation of commercial managed care for long term supports and services for those with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorders.  

 That being said …, CSNI fully supports both Step 1 of Medicaid Managed Care and Medicaid Expansion.  We believe that the individuals we support could potentially benefit from Step 1.  We see significant value in better coordinating care for those we serve.  We want to work collaboratively to evolve the Area Agency system and are prepared to take the lead to better integrate medical, behavioral, and long term care for those we serve. 

To do this effectively, we will build on our system strengths — a system that is ranked #2 in the country for quality care. 

 We delivered a progressive, savings-based plan to the Governor and Commissioner earlier this year and want to move this forward. We acknowledge that the current system must change to one that is more cost efficient and maintains high quality individualized services. Over the past year, we have worked diligently on this plan and now have an updated version to discuss.

 As I stand here today with so many people united in resolve to support people with disabilities, I assure you we want to engage in a collaborative process to develop a meaningful relationship with the Governor and Commissioner, their staff and the members of this commission. We are available at any time to move this process forward, establish a productive partnership and develop a thoughtful and detailed plan that best serves the needs of our citizens and our State.

Thank you



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