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DHHS Answers Questions Around Meridain Departure

Posted: June 30, 2014

DHHS Answers Questions

Around Meridain Departure

DHHS has posted answers to Frequently Asked Questions around the Meridian departure. To learn more about the transition period, prior authorizations, and changing health plans, click the link above.


A reminder that the following resources are available to you to help you select and navigate your plan change:


– If you would like to change your plan assignment from Meridian to another health plan, please contact the NH Medicaid Service Center at: 1-888-901-4999.

– If you have concerns about a procedure, medication, or any approved service authorized by Meridian through July 31, 2014, please contact

Meridian’s Member Services at (855) 291-5221.  Member Services will continue to field all member questions through this number.

– General questions, that cannot be addressed through the Medicaid Service Center or Meridian Member Services, can be directed to the Medicaid Emergency Services Unit at (603) 271-9461.

– DHHS Client Services is also available to assist members at (800) 852-3354, ext. 4344 or (603) 271-4344.


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