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About CSNI

Community Support Network, Inc. (CSNI), established in 1995, serves as a central business and service organization for the 10 Area Agencies that provide services to people with developmental disabilities (DD) and acquired brain disorder (ABD) and their families in New Hampshire. CSNI assists Area Agency staff, Area Agency Boards of Directors and families in trying to figure out what actions can be taken to best preserve the vision, values and the services and supports that we all care about.

ready willing and ableCSNI identifies economic opportunities such as joint purchasing programs, consolidation of business services, development and management of new service ventures, establishing cost reduction programs, all of which accrue to the economic benefit, directly or indirectly, of the member Area Agencies.  Through its activities, CSNI provides a single strong voice on important legislative issues, shared economic benefits, programs for service operating standardization, quality practice and outcomes standards. CSNI’s Board of Directors includes the respective Executive Directors from the 10 Area Agencies, and a family member of persons with developmental disabilities. CSNI is a 501 c (3) not-for-profit company.

Meet the people at CSNI The main office is located in Concord, NH. CSNI is conveniently located and proximate to other regional and statewide community service organizations and agencies.  CSNI’s customer base is inclusive of the approximately ten thousand persons with developmental disabilities and their supporting family members in New Hampshire, and the more than three-thousand employees of the servicing Area Agencies, Private Provider Agencies, self-employed direct support professionals, and foster homecare providers.

CSNI accomplishes it’s services and activities through its staff members, board committees, and project directed work groups. CSNI’s committees and workgroups consist of: Executive, Legal, Legislative, Managed Care, Centralized Training, Quality Improvement, Intake and Eligibility, and Supports Intensity Scale (SIS).